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Designing and crafting specialists of tailor-made and value-added metalwork

We make your metalwork project come true in 5 steps

Step 1: connecting


You reach to us by phone or email to tell us about your project, we estimate the costs and provide you with a quotation.

Next step Step 2: study and consultancy

Study & consultancy

Our engineers make a 3D model of the project, study about its feasibility and provide you with feedbacks according to your availability by email, phone or rendez-vous.

Next step Step 3: crafting


Physical creation piece by piece of your project in our workshop.

Next step Step 4: installation


Our teams come themselves to the construction site and proceed to an optimal set up.

Next step Step 5: receipt of works


One last discussion about the results and your project is officially done!

Our realisations

Our equipements

Équipement suivant
Press brake

Press brake

Capacity 4 meters - 170 tons



Capacity 4 meters

Rolling machine

Rolling machine

Capacity 3 meters




Paint booth

Paint booth

Dimensions 3.8 x 6.2 x 2.6 meters

Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting

Dimensions 4 x 2 meters



Precision cut

ADC building

About us

The know-how and the experience of the ADC team allow to provide innovative and original solutions to his customers who wish for tailor-made and unique pieces.

Being a young company, ADC makes use of the different professional careers and experiences of each member in the team and rely on the skills of 14 persons specialized in locksmith and metalwork.

Our realisations are essentially custom works answering the specific needs of architects, designers, companies and individuals.